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Pawna lake camping, A mild and cool climate, rich historical forts surrounding, great scenery and Pawna lake water. Pawna lake, the most popular lake in Lonavala, offers great camping experience and much more. Pawna lake is popular national and international tourist destination. Every year pawna lake camping welcomes thousands of visitors seeking fun, camping, kayaking, relaxation, sport and culture. Visiting pawna lake for camping means discovering unique landscapes and trekking, visiting forts and caves. Pawna lake camping locations, enchanting mountain lakes, including near by forts, caves, adventure resorts, water sport activity. A holiday with a hundred faces, of camping and sports, trekking, relaxation and entertainment and an home made food and barbecue.

Relax in our pawna lakeside camping ground, enjoy home made testy food, make a barbecue, play indoor and outdoor games, build a campfire, listen music, and wake up to a fun-filled day of spectacular cold climate surrounds. Our camping ground provide modern amenities and is perfect for families, couples and groups. The pawna campsites are kept in a natural state. Pawna lake camping is natural camping place, so please do not expect all the comforts or facilities of a commercial resorts. We do however offer toilets, convenience of parking your car at your campsite, mineral drinking water, wood-fired barbecue's and chairs, unlimited food, snacks, music & campfire.

Pawnacamps Providing safe and enjoyable experiences is our number one priority. Our trained campsite staff are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests at all times.

Pawan camps locations is a family owned and run business that has been providing outstanding camping experiences for over 4 years. Most of our campsites are scattered along Pawna lake, Lonavala, Pune in a number of lakeside fields. The peaceful and calm environment will be definitely able to overcome all your worries.

Whenever you exhausted with your day-to-day working life in a metro city like Mumbai and Pune, it is necessary to get your energy back. Here you will get an unforgettable camping experience with the near and dear ones. So Pawnacamps strongly recommend you to find us as one of the best service providers for camping in Lonavala, near Pune and forget all your worries in a spectacular holiday spot.


Enjoy camping with Breathtaking views: Pawna Lake Camping

Feel like you have been stressed out, well you are just one spot away from a hot spot destination to drain out all your stresses and worries. What are you waiting for? Its time to Make your wheels spin and your legs walk. A very riveting & spell-bounding destination is waiting for you... Yeah!! It’s “Pawna Lake Camping“. The reason you need to step your feet into the comforting sand of Pawna Lake Resorts and Camping is that the serenity providing a flow of lake water, and the melodious sound produced by the cool breeze with Camping Near Mumbai. No doubt with the eye-catching comely kissing of the mountains you gonna experience nature’s symphony. This Camping near Mumbai is really hit the spot with the exploration of the historical forts.

Pawna Lake is one of the best Camping near Pune, Thane, Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. With tents right next to the lake we provide the best service near Pawna Lake. Camping in tent and enjoying Places Near Lonavala is best way to celebrate weekend with friends, family and college groups. 

Camping in Pune right by the lake adds on to the experience. At the daytime, you can relax and enjoy life at your own speed and can take up recreational and outdoor activities. At night, bond over the hot served delicious food sprinkled with some fun stories gathering around the campfire (the much needed source of warmth for most nights). You can also try your hand at cooking BBQ or just lie back and indulge in star gazing at our Thakursai Pawna Lake Camping. All of these make Camping in Pune an experience of a lifetime for you and your buddies. So do your Pawna Lake Camping Booking Today.

The perfect existence of God created nature will compel your fingertips every time to capture the real beauty of the aura at the amazing Places near Lonavala. You can actually fell nature’s love radiating out from the pictures which will absolutely stand for souvenir’s to be given to your loved ones while you are at Camping in Pune. You really live and cherish moment about the place from the dusk till the down at Camping Places near Pune. The sunrise at this Places near Lonavala is splendid and you gonna witness the true beauty and striking colors of nature. At the crack of the dawn the cold winds blowing will fill the hearts with positive emotion and true human spirit. This Camping near Mumbai is always known for their best pictures to be snapped. With your family and friends enjoy the experience of Pawna Lake Camping.

Pawna Lake Camping is situated in the heart of Sahyadri mountain range. It is the perfect place to experience the warm and soothing embrace of Mother Nature. When you reach our Thakursai Pawna Lake Camping with a short ride from Lonavla, you are welcomed with a breathtaking view of Pawna Lake as it rests ever so gracefully in the valley surrounded by majestic mountains. This Thakursai Pawna Lake Camping offers many opportunities for exploration.

Pawna Camps provides premium weather-proof tents for Camping in Lonavala outfitted with comfortable foam mats that guarantee sound sleep and complete protection from moisture, insects, and other unsavory bits of nature as well as Bungalows on Rent in Lonavala. In nature responding the call of nature, doesn't have to be embarrassing and inconvenient. Our Camping in Lonavala and Camping Places Near Pune have dry toilets tents equipped with western commodes offering you privacy and hygienic sanitation.

With our elaborate dinner and breakfast menu Foodies are in for a treat incorporating traditional style of cooking. The evenings of Camping near Pune are spent round the warmth of our campsite barbecue offering delicacies cooked right in front of your eyes.

For many of us, working in the long shifts with a heavy burden of stress hovering over our heads has become a way of life. Sometimes, it gets unbearable. There is a call for for a short escape to refresh again. Intuitively, you seek the help of our good old search engines to search for Campgrounds near Me. To choose a reliable option follows is a confusing task that will be worthy of your money and time. That is where ‘Pawna Lake Camping; Camping Places Near Pune’ comes in.

Our adventure activities at Camping in Lonavala and Camping Places near Pune use the challenging terrain offering kayaking post rains and team building games for corporate.